Pollen Images

The images are listed on left by scientific name. These images are of fresh or untreated pollen magnified 400x as found on Echinacea angustifolia and co-flowering species in the Echinacea study area. The list below has the samples according to family. It is possible to reach a page from the following links or alphabetically off the left sidebar. On the pictures 325 px = 50 micrometers.

This project was completed in conjunction with an RET (Research Experience for Teachers) with the Echinacea Project http://echinaceaproject.org


Genus Species Common Name

Apiacea (The Carrot Family)
//Pastinaca sativa// wild parsnip
Apocynaceae (The Dogbane Family)
//Apocynum sibiricum// prairie dogbane
Asclepiadaceae (The Milkweed Family)
Asclepias syriaca common milkweed
Asclepias verticillata whorled milkweed
Asteraceae (The Aster/Composite Family)
//Achillea millefolium// Yarrow
//Carduus acanthoides// spiny plumeless thistle
//Carduus nutans// nodding plumeless thistle
//Cirsium arvense// Canada thistle
//Cirsium flodmonii// Flodman's thistle
//Coreopsis palmata// Stiff tickseed
//Erigeron strigosus// daisy fleabane
//Heliopsis helianthoides// False sunflower
//Sonchus arvensis// field sowthistle
//Tragapogon dubius// yellow salsify
//Solidago missouriensis// Missouri goldenrod
Brassacaceae (The Mustard Family)
//Erucastrum gallicum// common dogmustard
Campanulaceae (The Bellflower Family)
//Lobelia spicata// palespike lobelia
Caprifoliaceae (The Honeysuckle Family)
//Symphoricarpos albus// common snowberry
Convolvulaceae (The Morning Glory Family)
//Calystegia sepium// hedge false bindweed

Fabaceae (The Bean Family)

//Amorpha canascens// Leadplant
//Astragalus canadensis// Canadian milk vetch
//Dalea purpureum// purple prairie clover
//Dalea candida// white prairie clover
//Lotus corniculatus// birdsfoot trefoil
//Medicago sativa// alfalfa
//Medicago lupulina// black medic
//Melilotus officianalis// yellow sweet clover
//Melilotus alba// white sweet clover
//Psoralea argophylla// silver leaf scurf pea
//Trifolium pratense// red/purple clover
Lamiaceae (The Mint Family)
//Monarda fistulosa// wild bergamot

Liliaceae (The Lily Family)
//Allium stellatum// Prairie onion
//Lilium philadelphicum// wild lily
//Zigadenus elegans// mountain deathcamas
Linaceae (The Flax Family)
//Linum sulcatum// grooved flax
Onagraceae (The Evening Primrose Family)
//Oenothera biennis// evening primrose

Polemoniaceae (The Phlox Family)
//Phlox pilosa// downy phlox
Ranunculaceae (The Crowfoot Family)
//Anemone cylindrica// Prairie anemone
Rosaceae (The Rose Family)
//Potentilla arguta// tall conquefoil
//Rosa arkansana// prairie wild rose
Rubiaceae (The Madder Family//Gallium boreale// Northern bedstraw
Solanaceae (The Potato Family)
//Physallis virginiana// ground cherry